Regular Adult and Child tickets allow you to get one free autograph, signed in, person on an item of your choice.
If you have more than one thing you'd like signing you will need to purchase an 'extra Autograph Voucher' from the Shop.
If you'd like your photo taken with either an individual guest or a group of the guests together then you can, 
again you'll need a voucher from the Shop.
Who's Coming?
Guests* at The Attic include:

- Tommy Knight (Luke Smith)
- Daniel Anthony (Clyde Langer)
- Anjli Mohindra (Rani Chandra)
- Yasmin Paige (Maria Jackson)
- Joseph Millson (alan Jackson)
- Mina Anwar (Gita Chandra)
- Katy Manning (Jo Jones nee Grant)
- Paul Marc Davies (The Trickster)
- Joe Lidster (Writer)
- Phil Ford (Writer)
- Richard Wisker (George in the episode 'Lost in
- Cheryl Rowlands (A nun in the episode 'Eye of the
- Scott Handcock (Runner)
- Emma Bailey (Hair & Make-up, pic coming soon)

We're also delighted that Brian & Sadie Miller,
Elisabeth Sladen's husband & daughter, have both
agreed to attend to help remember Lis and
celebrate the Sarah-Jane Adventures legacy!

(Click on an thumbnail for a larger image - any
missing images will be added ASAP!)


- Joss Agnew (Director) - Sadly Joss has been
offered freelance work which will clash with The
- Gary Russell (Script Editor) - Australia calls once
more for Gary who will unfortunatley now be out
of the country for a few months over the period of
The Attic

Is there something you'd like to ask one of the

If so send it to us and we'll see if we can get them
to answer it for you at the show! Just use the
'Questions' option which you'll find see when you
click 'Guests' above. Remember to say in the
subject line who your question is for!